What can we do - make wedges

I browsed in the september 2006 issue of Scientific american and got my eyes on article called "a plan to keep carbon in check" by Solow and Pacalah. The present a pragmatic way of dealing with GHG and without choking economic global growth. they have developed a concept called "stabilisation wedge" which makes it more tractable to build emission reduction strategies and stabilize it by 2050.

The other interesting thing with their approach is the fact that it spreads the risk by having a broad spectrum portfolio which is important in order to achieve long-term sustainability (ie not betting everything on nuclear energy or carbon sequestration).

The group at Princeton Environment Institute, focus on Carbon Mitigation and the Wedge concept is described in detail on their site. They also give fifteen examples of wedges that can be used now. Their material is available in several forms, games, interactive presentations and so on. How would an emission reduction strategy look for your country ?

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