So who will do the next verification of Blacklight?

Hydrogen molecule showing proton and electron ...Image via Wikipedia
The company Blacklight Power has been around for a while and claims that they have a way to capture the energy from hydrogen as they move between energy levels without burning or nuclear processes. Even though there has been some independent verification it is still very early to draw any conclusions about the feasability of this.

And in the back of my head echoes the promised panacea of cold fusion which turned out to be a conundrum instead. Some years ago there was physicists both supporting and opposing the theory of the hydrino state. But for now I'll give them the benefit of doubt until there are further independent verification or refutation !

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Anonym sa...

Why give anybody the benefit of the doubt without using an informed reasoning process? Don't you think that the whole physics world would be alight with discussion about this astonishing breakthrough that would change the whole course of physics, showing quantum physics to be simply wrong, were it not nonsense?

Anonym sa...

Why don't you apply an informed reasoning process and see what experiments would prove the hydrino exists and review those experiments done by BLP to see if they can support their claims?

An assertion that the majority is right is not an informed reasoning process. They may have a greater probability of being right but they could also just be a pack of sheep, neither questioning nor challenging the status quo.

You appear to have made an assumption that those who have built careers out of promoting what may be entirely wrong physics would welcome being told by some upstart doctor that they've had it completely wrong. It would make them a laughing stock!